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1935-11-24 Carmel Fund

USBN #98 March 1936 p1

"He very much appreciates, indeed, the spirit of self-sacrifice and devotion which the American believers have so remarkably displayed through their contributions to the Mt. Carmel fund. Their splendid efforts during the last few years, and especially in connection with the purchase of the property of the Dumits last year, have now resulted in the safeguarding of an extensive area of land around the Shrines. It is surely a great privilege for the American friends to have had such a preponderating share in securing for the Cause assets that are most valuable, nay, quite indispensable, to the future development and present consolidation of its manifold institutions at its world center."

(In the Guardian's hand.) "Will you kindly assure the individual contributors to the sum which you have forwarded of my abiding and lively appreciation of their spontaneous and self-sacrificing assistance and efforts for the protection and promotion of the international interests of the Faith at its world center. I am fully aware of the self-abnegation which such contributions must have involved, and of the spirit of unstinted devotion which has invariably prompted them. I will pray that the Beloved may abundantly bless and reward them both in this world and in the next."

(signed) SHOCHI.

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