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Cited in Youth in the Vanguard, Marion Yazdi, pp198-9, USBNC archives

Not only the American friends, but also all the believers in the East who had the pleasure of knowing the doctor, mourn this heavy loss, and fully share your afflictions and sorrows. For they had found in him not only a valuable co-worker, but also a dear friend from whose association they could derive continued inspiration and encouragement.

What, indeed, contributed most to endear him to the friends were the remarkable qualities of his heart. He was to them a living example of utter selflessness, devotion and love. He was so gentle, so kind, so lovable, that everyone who met him could not but feel deeply attracted to him.

His attachment to the Cause was even more remarkable. His great, nay supreme consideration was to be of some service to the Faith, in whatever capacity, and no matter in which place or country. The friends in Persia can never forget the services he was able to render them during his stay in that land. Next to the late Mrs. Ransom-Kehler he may, indeed, be well considered as the foremost American believer who has, in the last few years, been assisted in rendering invaluable help to the Persian believers in their efforts for the establishment of the Administration in their country. . . .

In his own handwriting Shoghi Effendi added:

With a heart overflowing with love, tenderness, and sympathy I share your afflicting sorrows and am overwhelmed by the sense of loss and grief which earthly separation from so beloved a son must necessarily produce. To him I am attached by such ties that death can never sever. I had a profound admiration for the noble qualities which distinguished his Baha'i life. I will pray for him with the utmost fervor. Feel not disconsolate, for the state in which he is now is such as none can describe.

[to A. Elizabeth Carpenter]

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