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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p252

He is so pleased to learn that you are keeping well, and that your trip to Paris has proved to be highly beneficial to your health, & that you have been accorded such a warm welcome by the friends. He sincerely hopes that your stay with them will have imparted to their hearts a fresh incentive to work for the firmer consolidation of the Cause in that centre.

He also trusts that your journey to Lyon will be quite successful, & that the small group of new believers there will receive through your visit a new vision & inspiration. That group is very promising, indeed, but a competent teacher is needed to better ground them in the Cause, & particularly in the Administration.

Dearly-beloved co-worker:

I wish to assure you in person of a most hearty welcome. Your distinguished services, so loyally, courageously & devotedly rendered, in both the European & American continents, fully entitle you to visit the Holy Shrines & to draw fresh inspiration from the Source of His inexhaustible grace. I am profoundly thankful for what you, Mary & Mrs. Bolles have achieved, & for the spirit which animates you in His service. The Beloved is well-pleased with the many evidences of your exemplary devotion to His Cause & of perseverance in the path of service. Affectionately


1936-01-21 to May Maxwell re teaching in France & invite on pilgrimage

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