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USBN #105 February 1937, p1-2

To Mr. Alfred E. Lunt, June 26, 1936:

“The Convention’s unanimous and eager response to the Guardian’s call to intense teaching activity is highly encouraging, and constitutes another source of deep satisfaction to his heart. He is now awaiting to see what steps the N. S. A. will devise to carry out. vigorously and systematically, this new teaching campaign, and what cooperation it will receive from individual believers, groups and Assemblies in the fulfilment of its plans.

“As the Guardian’s telegram clearly reveals, this teaching plan has two chief objectives: first, to establish a center in every State within the U. S. A. and then in every State throughout the American continent.

“What the Guardian would strongly advise is, first, to concentrate, heart and soul, on the first part of this teaching program, namely, to have at least one center established in those States of the American Republic where there are as yet no believers. This task can best be accomplished by means of settlement in these States by at least one believer. Intensive teaching work, that is to say, concentration on a few spiritually minded and receptive people. is also a method of teaching which the Guardian would specially recommend to those who wish to fix their residence in such States.

“Regarding your question as to the meaning of Jin or Genii referred to in the Qur'an, these are not beings or creatures that are actually living, but are symbolic references to the power of men of evil and may be likened to evil spirits. But the point to bear in mind is that these have no positive existence of any kind."

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