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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p275-7

Dearest Mother,

I am writing you on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of May 30th and to express how deeply satisfied he was to hear that you are feeling well and had such a good and restful crossing . . .

If you can, and your health permits, concentrate as much as possible on your work in Lyon, which Shoghi Effendi feels more important than Paris, and make a special effort, if possible, to have a local assembly established. Also to keep in close touch with them after you leave, through your correspondence.

He also reminds you to not neglect your history of the Cause in France! And when completed to send him a copy for his consideration. Do not hurry; the gathering of the material must be very thorough. Mrs. French has written him suggesting that you write an article on Thomas Breakwell for ‘Bahá’í World’ vol.VII. Shoghi Effendi approves of this and asks you to send the article, when ready, to Mrs. French.

Shoghi Effendi wishes to convey to Daddy his hope that he will be more active in the teaching work, not to neglect his administrative activities, but to collaborate with you. This is the best way you can both, unitedly, express your high appreciation of the honour conferred upon you through this marriage.

Assuring you of the Guardian’s great love and prayers for you both, your loving daughter,

Rúhíyyih Khánum

Dearest co-worker:

It gives me great & genuine pleasure to append a few words to the letter which at my request & on my behalf Mary has addressed to you. I was deeply touched by your letter to me & and by the noble sentiments you have expressed in your recent letter to her – sentiments that I greatly value. The bond that has always united you to me has now been powerfully reinforced, & I feel sure that the services you will be enabled to render as a direct result of this new tie that binds us to each other will serve to draw me closer to you, & enable me to help you more effectively through my prayers. I wish you to concentrate your attention at present on the National Fund which stands in great need of continuous support by all the believers. Have no anxiety whatever. Concentrate your heart & soul & mind on the requirements of the Faith & of the Divine Plan which you have supported so splendidly in the past & which, I am sure, you will foster with increasing effectiveness in the future.


Kindly assure Mr. Maxwell of my great love & affection for him. I have great hopes that he will in collaboration with you further the teaching work in Canada & thus pave the way for any international services he may be enabled to render in the future.


1936-06-29 to May Maxwell re focus efforts on Lyon vs Paris

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