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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p239

In this country too, the Guardian feels confident, your visit will have an abiding & most beneficial effect on the Cause. Though the Faith is far more alive & promising in Germany than in any other part of Europe, yet there are many vital points on which the believers need much enlightenment which you are admirably qualified to give.

The Guardian wishes me to stress two points in particular: first that you should arrange your program in such a way as to have ample time to visit all the centers in Germany; & also that you should make every effort to attend the Summer School at Esslingen where, he hopes, you will be given full opportunity to address the friends & to give them the great benefit of sharing your long & rich experiences in the Cause.

Dear & prized co-worker:

Your welcome letter truly rejoiced my heart, & I cannot refrain from adding a few words in person & express my gratitude for what you have achieved in France & my hopes for what you will achieve in Germany. I am glad you will soon join Mary, about the progress of whose work I have received encouraging & most welcome reports. Wishing you both good health, happiness & success. Affectionately


1936-08-XX? to May Maxwell re teaching in Germany


It appears to me that at this time the Guardian was putting an emphasis on getting deepened teachers into Germany in preparation for a poss shut down of formal Baha’i activities.

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