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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp35-6

Wim Grosfeld, 4 September 1936

Dear Mr. Grosfeld,

Your welcome letter of August 7th to the Guardian has arrived, and the news of the success of the teaching work in Holland has greatly rejoiced his heart.30 He hopes that the small group of beginners you have succeeded in forming will meet regularly, and that through careful and concentrated study of the Cause they will grow both in numbers and in strength. Will you be so kind as to convey his greetings and heartfelt congratulations to these dear friends, and to assure each and all of them of his ardent prayers and best wishes for the success of their endeavours in the path of service to our beloved Cause.

The Guardian is however extremely grieved to learn that you are still without proper work, and he would certainly advise you, in case you find it quite impossible to earn your living in Holland, to leave for any other country where you can be assured of gaining the means of your livelihood.

Assuring you once more of his fervent prayers for the removal of your difficulties, and for the realization of your fondest hopes and dearest wishes. Yours in His service, H. Rabbání

Dearest co-worker:

Kindly assure those precious friends that you have interested in the Cause of my love, my best wishes and prayers for their spiritual advancement. Your noble and historic work, conducted under such difficult circumstances, is dear and near to my heart, and is worthy of the highest praise. I pray that you may be enabled to find the necessary means that will enable you to expand and consolidate the work you have so nobly initiated. Persevere and rest confident. Affectionately, Shoghi

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