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USBN #104 December 1936, p1

The importance of the institution of Baha’i Archives is not due only to the many teaching facilities it procures, but is especially to be found in the vast amount of historical data and information it offers both to the present- day administrators of the Cause, and to the Baha’i historians of the future, The institution of Baha’i Archives is indeed a most valuable storehouse of information regarding all the aspects of the Faith, administrative as well as doctrinal. Future generations of believers will be surely in a better position than we are to truly and adequately appreciate the many advantages and facilities which the institution of the Archives offers to individual believers and also to the community at large.

"Now that the Cause is rapidly passing through so many different phases of its evolution, is the time for the friends to exert their utmost in order to preserve as much as they -can of the sacred relics and various other precious objects that are associated with the lives of the Founders of the Faith, and particularly the Tablets They have revealed.

"Every believer should realize that he has a definite responsibility to shoulder in this matter, and to help, to whatever extent he can, in rendering successful the valuable work which national and local Baha'i Archives committees are so devotedly accomplishing for the Faith in America."

on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States and Canada, September 25, 1936

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