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“To Move the World”, Morrison, p244

“Concerning the racial amity conferences; the Guardian firmly believes that they constitute a vital & inseparable part of the teaching campaign now being carried on by the American believers. It is the duty of every loyal Bahá’í to do all that he possibly can to promote this phase of Bahá’í activity, without which no campaign of teaching can bear lasting results. ”

At the bottom of the letter Shoghi Effendi penned a brief note:

The teaching campaign, now in full swing in the United States and Canada, should, under no circumstances affect the progress, or detract from the importance & urgency of the racial amity work that challenges & confronts the believers in that continent. I hope & pray that in both fields you may be enabled to render magnificent services. I feel truly proud of your past achievements & cherish the brightest hopes for your future contributions to this noble & twofold task.

[to Louis Gregory, 11 Nov 1936, USNBC Archives (Gregory sent a copy of ltr to USBNC]

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