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USBN #108 June 1937, p1-2

Regarding the problem of teaching in districts of mixed colored and white populations, the Guardian fully approves of the policy adopted by the N.S.A. to the effe<:t that the teaching work should be carried simultaneously with the two races in the south without the slightest discrimination. For the Teachings are obviously not intended for only one race or one class. Your Assembly's suggestion that Baha’i public meetings should henceforth be conducted separately for whites and colored and that study classes resulting from such meetings should likewise be conducted separately until individuals of both races are truly confirmed believers is splendid as it win undoubtedly help in removing the misunderstandings and obstacles that have thus far stood in the way of the expansion of the Faith in the Southern States. To alienate either the white or the colored race would he indeed un fair and unjustifiable. The solution proposed by your Assembly thus marks a step in advance over the methods which the friends have hitherto enforced in their teaching work in the Southern States. The Guardian therefore trusts that it will be brought fully to the attention of the friends, and that they will each and all arise to apply it in their future teaching activities,

In this connection, however, he wishes me to stress the fact that the two races should ultimately be brought together, and be urged to associate with the utmost unity and fellowship, and be given full and equal opportunity to participate in the conduct of the teachings as well as administrative activities of the Faith. Nothing short of such an ultimate fusion of the two races can insure the faithful application of that cornerstone principle of the Cause regarding the oneness of mankind.

-March 22, 1937.

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