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USBN #108 June 1937, p2

"Moved to the Very Depth of His Heart"

At the Guardian's direction I am enclosing herewith the receipt, duly signed by him, of the contribution sent by the Baha'is of the United States and Canada through their N. S. A. with the request that you kindly ask your fellow members in that body to transmit to the entire American Baha'i Community the expression of his profoundest thanks and genuine appreciation for this spontaneous manifestation of their unshakable devotion and loyalty to the Cause. He is moved to the very depth of his heart by this fresh evidence of their unalterable attachment to, and their whole-hearted readiness to support, by every means in their power, the vital international institutions of the Faith, and particularly the institution of the Guardianship of which they are indeed the most outstanding defenders and champions throughout the West.

He wishes them, each and all. ever v blessing and success, and a mo;t abundant reward in return for what they have accomplished and are still, so zealously and effectively accomplishing, fur the extension and consultation of the Administrative Order in their country and beyond its confines.

--April 24. 1937.

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