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Divine Springtime - Louise Coswell Recalls , p12-13

Beloved Bahà'f Sister,

The Guardian is in receipt of your letter of March 29th, and is delighted to hear that, at the National Spiritual Assembly's suggestion, you are planning to undertake a teaching trip to Nashville. He wished me to assure you of his prayers at the Holy Shrines for the success of your visit, and to express the hope that through it you may receive a fresh and full opportunity to assist in the spread of the teachings in new fields. The mission with which you have been entrusted is certainly difficult and delicate, but you should be confident that with the assistance of Bahà'u'llah you will be made fully equal to your task. Have courage and whole-heartedly perservere in your splendid efforts.

(Signed)H. Rabbani

1937-04-XX to Coswell re teaching trip to Nashville


In April/May 1936, Louise had volunteered to go to Mexico for the winter but her request was denied. In March 1937, the USNSA asked her to do follow-up teaching in Nashville after the work by Marian Little. She communicated this to the Guardian and this was the response.

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