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Divine Springtime - Louise Coswell Recalls , p13-14

May 15th, 1937

The Guardian also wishes me to express his gratification at the success of your teaching work in Nashville. He has read with keen interest the clippings you had enclosed, and is delighted to realize the wide response your talks and lectures have brought to the message. He is continually and fervently praying that your trip to this "Athens of the South" may result in attracting and confirming many souls of true spiritual insight and of intellectual capacity. Remain assured that the seeds you are now so carefully sowing will in due time bear an abundant fruitage. There is no effort in His path that can be considered to have been spent in vain. 'Persevere, therefore, and be confident and happy, success will assuredly be yours.

(Signed)H. Rabbani

1937-05-15 to Coswell reponse to Nashville teaching


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