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USBN #108 June 1937, p9

"Heartily approve publication pamphlet. Advise publish as preamble appropriate passages from Gleanings and 'Abdu’l-Baha's Will regarding importance teaching. Pamphlet's title left (to) Assembly's discretion. Convention plea addressed to American believers can not achieve its purpose unless dauntless pioneers arise and, forsaking homeland, permanently reside (in) countries where light of Faith (has) not yet penetrated. Cabling three hundred pounds as nucleus (of) special fund to be established (for) furtherance (of) this exalted, highly meritorious purpose,"

Replying to a cablegram asking for advice on whether the reprint of the Tablets of the Divine Plan should contain any supplementary material, sum as oral statements which were published in the original edition, the Guardian on May 19 cabled:

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