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QUOTATIONS FROM THE DISPENSATION OF BAHA'U'LLAH BY SHOGHI EFFENDI Interpretation of lines from these quotations given by Shoghi Effendi

July 17, 1937, Haifa.

Pago 12 - "But for Him no Divine Messenger would have been

Line 5 invested with the Robe of Prophethood, nor would any of the sacred scriptures have been revealed. To this bear witness all created things."

Answer - "This refers to the Reality of Him, (Baha'u'llah), not His Person."

Pago 20 - "Time is pressing. The Divine Charger is impatient, and can tarry no longer. Ours is the duty to rush forward and ere it is too late, win the victory."

Answer - "The passage refers to any opportunities that arc missed through neglect and not to any particular event."

Pago 21 - "From time immemorial, He, the Divine Being, hath been

Line 20 veiled in the ineffablo sanctity of His exalted Self, and will everlastingly continue to be wrapt in the impenetrable mystery of His unknowable Essence . . . Ten thousand Prophets, each a Moses, are thunderstruck upon the Sinai of their search at God's forbidding voice, 'Thou shalt never behold Me!’ Whilst a myriad Messengers, each as great as Jesus, stand dismayed upon their heavenly thrones by the interdiction, 'Mine Essence thou shalt never apprehend!’ How bewildering to Me, insignificant as I am, is the attempt to fathom the sacred depths of Thy Knowledge."

Answer - "The meaning of this passage should not be taken literally. The purpose is to emphasize the theme and heighten its effect."

Pago 24 - "whereupon there was asked, Why the weeping and the

Line 20 wailing? He made reply. 'As bidden I waited expectant upon the hill of faithfulness, yet inhaled not from them that dwell upon the earth the fragrance of fidelity. Then summoned to return I beheld, and lo, certain doves of holiness were sore tried within the claws of the dogs of earth. Whereupon the Maid of Heaven hastened forth unveiled and resplendent from Her Mystic Mansion, and asked of their names, and all were told but one. And when urged, the first letter thereof was uttered, whereupon the dwellers of the celestial chambers rushed forth out of their habitations of Glory, and whilst the second letter was pronounced they fell down, one and all, upon the dust. At that moment a Voice was heard from the inmost Shrine, 'Thus far and no farther.' Verily We bear witness to that which they have done and now are doing."

Answer - "This refers to the Reality of Baha'u'llah."

Your true brother,


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