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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp36-8

1937-11-17 to Inez Greeven re publishing

Dear Mrs. Greeven,
The Guardian has received your letter of the 26th October and has

learned with satisfaction of the news of the completion of the printing of the Dutch version of the Kitáb-i-Iqán. He has also received a note from the publisher regarding the printing expenses, and has mailed him a draft for £ 41.17.1, being half of the total cost for publishing the book.

He would approve of the publisher s suggestion to place three hundred copies with all the booksellers, and to send the remaining two hundred over to Haifa. He trusts that the books will be soon mailed and will reach in good condition. Needless to assure you how grateful he feels for this outstanding service you and your dear sister have been able to render, and he will pray that as a result the Cause may make a good start in Holland. He is eagerly waiting to hear of the good news of the progress of your teaching activities, and would urge you to whole-heartedly and confidently persevere in your efforts.

Regarding the statement you had enclosed about the sale of the Esslemont book: the Guardian indeed regrets that the results are so disappointing, and does not think it necessary for you to make any accounting to the Esslemont heirs. He would advise you to wait until the amount collected would be sufficiently substantial.

In closing may I express the Guardians hope that your trip to Italy will prove helpful in restoring your health. He will specially pray to the Beloved that He may strengthen your forces for many more years of service to His Faith.

Loving greetings to you and dear Mr. Greeven, and with best wishes for your success in your new field of work in Holland.

Yours ever in His service, H. Rabbání

PS. Of the 200 copies you are going to send to Haifa, the Guardian wishes you to mail fifty to the American National Spiritual Assembly and to distribute thirty among the various other Assemblies throughout the Bahà’i world.

.Dear and valued co-worker:
I wish to assure you in person o f m y special prayers for the success o f the efforts which you and dear Mr. Greeven are now exerting in Holland for the progress and establishment o f the Faith. The literature which through your generous assistance is now available in Dutch will no doubt be a great help to you in your devoted labours, and I pray that your dearest hopes may be fully and speedily realized. My loving gratitude to you both,

your true brother; Shoghi

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