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USBN #118 August 1938 p2

“You have asked as to what point in man's evolution he becomes conscious of self. This consciousness of self in man is a gradual process, and does not start at a definite point. It grows in him in this world and continues to do so in the future spiritual world.

"Man can certainly recall past experiences in his evolution, and even when his soul leaves this world it will still remember the past.

"The Guardian wishes me to answer you that he sees no objection to the friends coming together for meditation and prayer. Such a communion helps in fostering fellowship among the believers and as such is highly commendable.

“With reference to psychic phenomena referred to in your letter; these, in most cases, are an indication of a deep psychological disturbance. The friends should avoid as much as possible giving undue consideration to such matters.”

—November 20. 1937. to Amelie Willard Bodmer

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