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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p303-4

The Guardian was exceedingly pleased to receive your letter of January 26th with enclosures regarding the invitation extended to the Bahá’ís of Montreal by the Canadian Civil Liberties Union to join in making representations to the Canadian Prime Minister concerning the ‘Padlock Act’.

He has carefully read all the papers you have sent, and wishes me to assure you of his whole-hearted approval of the letter you have written in answer to the above Union’s communication addressed to Mr. Schopflocher. The tone of your reply, he thinks, is indeed splendid, and he has every reason to hope that it will be received in a good spirit by the persons concerned.

The attitude which the believers should adopt whenever such requests are made to them is to strictly uphold the Teachings, without however displeasing unnecessarily, through lack of wisdom and tact in their negotiations, their non-Bahá’í fellows.

The Guardian wishes you also to express to the Montreal Assembly the assurances of his appreciation of the action they have taken in this matter. He is well-pleased with the care and loyalty with which they have considered the whole issue, and is confident that the result of their deliberations will serve to considerably safeguard and strengthen the basis of their Assembly and work.

Before closing I wish to express to you in particular Shoghi Effendi’s gratitude for the share you are so ably contributing towards the progress of the Faith in Montreal. He is praying for you and for dear Mrs. Maxwell, that you may both be given increasing strength and capacity to fulfil your new duties and obligations, and thus attain your highest destiny in His service.

Loving remembrances and heartiest greetings to you both from the family.

Dear and valued co-worker:

I wish to express to you and to your devoted fellow-members, my keen appreciation of your vigilance, your determination, your zeal and devotion to the Cause and its manifold interests. The manner in which you watch over and safeguard the institutions of God’s nascent Faith is truly splendid and highly gratifying. I will pray for you all from the depth of my heart. Persevere in your noble endeavours.

Your true brother,


1938-02-25 to Sutherland Maxwell re working w/ other org

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