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USBN #116 June 1938 p1

As to the question raised by the Spiritual Assembly of Los Angeles concerning the best English translation of the Quran, the Guardian would recommend Sales' translation, which is the most accurate rendering available, and is the most widespread.

In closing he wishes me to stress once more the urgency and paramount importance of the two-fold task which lies before the N. S. A., namely, the completion of the exterior ornamentation of the Temple and the expansion and consolidation of the teaching work throughout North and South America. For the attainment of those two high objectives, the entire American Baha'i Community should strive with one accord, and should express its perfect readiness, in both words and deeds, to undergo every possible sacrifice. Not until such measure of unity is attained can they hope to achieve, at its appointed time, the heavy task that has been entrusted to their hands."—April 14. 1938.

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