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Dear Co-worker: Messages from Shoghi Effendi to the Benelux countries , pp38-40

Max Greeven, 10 November 1938

Dear Mr. Greeven,

I am directed by the Guardian to express his thanks for your letters dated August 9th and October 11th.

With reference to the situation of the Cause in Germany; Frau Mühlschlegel wrote sometime ago that the friends in Stuttgart had received a communication from the Berlin Secret Police to the effect that “for state-police reasons” the Faith had to remain prohibited, and that the objects confiscated would not be returned.

There is apparently nothing the friends in Stuttgart can do to induce the authorities to re-examine their rulings, or to rescind it, even in part. Further representation on their part not only seem to bring no results, but might have the effect of displeasing the authorities. And in view of this, the Guardian wrote in reply to Frau Mühlschlegel that under existing circumstances it would be wiser for the believers to keep entirely silent, and not to press any longer their case by addressing any appeal either to the authorities in Stuttgart or Berlin.

As regards your own efforts to approach the minister in charge of ecclesiastical affairs in the capital; the Guardian has noted your view that under the existing regime in Germany there is very little chance of your obtaining any definite results through representations to that department. Fie would suggest therefore that, in case you deem it feasible and opportune, you should endeavour to find new ways of approach, possibly by trying to contact some of the high officials in the “Gestapo” which, as you have written, reigns supreme in the Germany of today. This is, however, merely a suggestion, and he leaves it entirely to you to decide as to its practicability, particularly as events in Germany are all developing in the direction of greater centralization, and of a further suppression of all religious groups and denominations.

The general world condition is obviously growing more tense every day and clearly points to the inevitability of that world-wide conflagration foretold by the Master and explained by the Guardian in his “Goal of a New World Order”. Shoghi Effendi wishes the friends to be prepared for still far more serious developments than those which we have witnessed in the course of the last two months, but he wishes them also to feel assured and confident in the glorious promises for a brighter future so emphatically given by ‘Abdul-Bahá.

With regard to the photographs of the Paris bust of the Master; Shoghi Effendi does not wish you to undergo the expense and trouble of ordering another fifty copies of the same dimensions as the original photos. Those of the post-card size you had sent, he feels, are quite good and sufficient.

With his most loving greetings, also to Mrs. Greeven,

yours in His Service, H. Rabbání

Dearest co-worker:

Just a word to assure you of my ever-deepening gratitude and admiration for the efforts you are ceaselessly exerting on behalf of our oppressed brethren. Baha’u’llah is no doubt watching over you, and the Beloved is well pleased with your historic endeavours. Whatever their outcome, you have won for yourself an abiding place in the affections of the believers.

Affectionately and gratefully Shoghi

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