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Lady Blomfield: Her Life and Times, Robert Weinberg, p333-4

In this connection he wishes me to express the hope that the public address you have requested to deliver on the Cause by the “Society for the Study of Comparative Religions” will be a great success, and that as a result genuine interest will be awakened in the Teachings.

He will specially pray that your efforts in this connection may be blessed and yield the maximum results. He wishes me also to assure you that he will remember in his prayers the member of the above-mentioned society whom you have been trying to confirm in the Faith. May Bahá’u’lláh awaken his soul to the truth of His Message and inspire him to actively join the Cause.

I was truly delighted to hear from you, and to know of your steadfastness and increasing success in the service of this noble Faith. You are often in my thoughts and prayers, and I supplicate our Beloved to shower upon you and your dear daughter His imperishable blessings.

1938-11-11 to Blomfield re talk to “Society for the Study of Comparative Religions”

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