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USBN #122 January 1939 p2

With reference to the ornamentation of the gallery section of the Temple ; the Guardian wishes me to express his entire satisfaction at the rate at which the work is progressing, and also to assure your Assembly of his approval of the suggestion made Mr. Earley,which will have the effect of expediting considerably the work of the ornamentation of the first story.

He further wishes me to stress the importance of placing the contract for the models and molds before the completion of the present contract, as this, he strongly feels, will save much time,and would in addition enable your Assembly, in the meantime, to accumulate more funds and thus insure the uninterrupted progress of the ornamentation of the rest of the Temple.

He would, in closing, urge your Assembly, and wishes, through you, to renew his plea to the entire body of the American believers, to spare no effort to bring this historic enterprise to final consummation at the appointed time. They would certainly be failing in one of their most vital obligations, at this crucial period in the development of the Cause, if they allow the work of that sacred edifice to suffer any setback. But there is surely no ground for any such doubt. Rather, there is every reason to believe that the American Baha’i Community, the range and quality of whose achievements have raised it to so unique and enviable a position among its sister communities throughout the West, will, as in the past, endeavor with one accord to fulfill to the very last and with that self same spirit of abnegation and heroic resolve that have characterized its previous accomplishments, all its obligations and responsibilities under the Seven Year Plan.

- - - November 27, 1938

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