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USBN #128 Aug 1939, p 5

He has noted with particular satisfaction the reference made to the Master and the Cause, and trusts this will serve to attract the attention of many thoughtful leaders to the Faith, and awaken widespread to the Faith, and awaken widespread and genuine interest in the teachings. A single seed when planted at the right time and the right way will take root, grow well, and yield abundant fruitage. Your book, likewise, is of such simple and beautiful expression, and presents the spiritual ideals and teachings of the Cause in an indirect but most effective and convincing language that every serious and unbiased reader is bound to be impressed by its perusal and to investigate and study the Cause. This volume represents your experiences of many years as a Baha’i, and is the fruit of your labors as a student of the teachings in the field of educational philosophy. May it serve to inspire the educationalists of our time to assist in spreading and vindicating those spiritual ideals which Baha’u’llah and the Master have set as the highest and noblest goal of every education.

- to Stanwood Cobb regarding his book, ‪Character‬: ‪A Sequence in Spiritual Psychology‬, 9 Jan 1939


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