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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p321

The Guardian wants me to tell you he approves of your little note of explanation enclosed with the notes you intend sharing with the friends. He does not want to have any misunderstanding arise regarding them and so feels your note was quite appropriate.

He was very touched by your offer of our home to him if at any time he should be forced to go to that continent, but he feels such a thing is very unlikely indeed! However the spirit of your offer he accepts and the love that inspired it.

Dear & valued co-worker:

I deeply appreciate & feel much touched by your spontaneous and generous offer to place the house you live in at my disposal if ever I visit the States. This is another evidence of your passionate devotion to the Faith which I regard as an inestimable asset to the Cause. What you are achieving for the Cause in these days of stress & trial, through personal contact with the believers only serves to enhance the rich record of your past & outstanding services. Mary is quite well, & exceedingly busy in her study of the Bible at present which I regard as a necessary foundation for her future work. You should feel assured, happy & redouble your efforts in the teaching field. With much love to dear Mr. Maxwell whom I trust will be able to help increasingly in the magnificent work you are performing for the Cause. Your true & grateful brother,


1939-02-25 to May Maxwell re poss of Shoghi Effendi travel to America

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