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USBN #126 June 1939 p2

Before closing I wish to express once again the feelings of unbounded satisfaction and gratitude that fill the heart of our beloved Guardian at the repeated evidences of the steady extension of pioneer teaching in both the Northern and Southern America, and at the unanimous and unconditional response made to his recent teaching appeals by the individual believers, local Assemblies, regional and national teaching committees and last, but not least, by the distinguished members of your own Assembly who have assuredly spared no effort to coordinate, guide and reinforce the activities and resources of the entire community towards the accomplishment of the collossal task set forth by the Seven Year Plan. Such exemplary response, truly reminiscent of the intrepid faith, fearless courage and irreproachable fidelity so characteristic of the immortal pioneers of the Heroic Age of the Cause, indeed befits the high spiritual rank which the American believers so deservedly and incontestably enjoy. It surely cannot but excite the envy and the admiration of all their sister communities. whether in the East or in the West, and, in particular, offer true and abiding solace to those of their co-religionists who, though harrassed and persecuted, turn their eager and confident hearts to their dear American brethren, whose inestimable privilege it is now to compensate, through their heroic exploits, what their disabled fellow-believers are prevented from accomplishing for the further spread and greater glory of their faith.

through his secretary:—17 Apr 1939

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