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The Principle Of An International Auxiliary Language

Compiled by the Research Dept at the direction of the House of Justice, 1 Nov 79(?)

One thing, however, the Guardian feels the believers should be very careful to avoid in all such contacts with the Esperantists: namely that of giving them the impression that they consider Esperanto as necessarily constituting that international auxiliary language of the future referred to by Bahá’u’lláh and stressed by Him as an indispensable element in the upbuilding of the coming New World Order.

To give them such a false conception of the true Bahá’í attitude regarding the choice of the future world international language would not only be an act of dishonesty and disloyalty towards the Cause, but would lead to serious misunderstandings and misapprehensions, and eventually result in counteracting the effect of any temporary gains or advantages which may accrue to the Faith through such association and contacts with the Esperantists.

It is not so much that language as the central idea it embodies and inculcates which the Bahá’ís endorse, and only through keeping firm to such an attitude can they hope to establish any fruitful and enduring contacts with various Esperanto groups and associations throughout the world.

(24 April 1939 to an individual believer)

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