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USBN #129 August 1939, p8

. . . the importance of establishing the Faith in that republic (i. e. Panama) as already stressed by the Guardian in his last general letter, cannot be overemphasized. and whatever the obstacles that will have to be faced by future Baha’i pioneers in that country, the task of insuring the spiritual conquest of that territory, of whose far-reaching possibilities as a radiating center for the diffusion of the light of the Cause throughout Central and South America 'Abdu’l-Bahá has so explicitly written in the Tablets of the Divine Plan, must be vigorously and systematically pursued. ... In closing. Shoghi Effendi wishes me to stress the all-importance of the teaching work in Central America. While the teaching campaign in South America should be continually and vigorously prosecuted, special attention, he feels, should be directed to Central America, aiming at the permanent establishment of at least one believer in each one of its republics, before the end of the present year.”

[on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to the Inter-America Committee, 12 May 1939]

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