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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p326-7

He was very sad to learn from your recent cablegram sent to me, that you have a diabetic condition. He hastens to assure you he will pray for your complete recovery and he wants you not only to continue treating this condition but to have complete rest of body and mind in order to entirely recover. He assures you that you have no need to worry on any score and that when the time comes you will return to him, and to my open arms, in Haifa. You must never have any doubt about this for a moment!

He wants you at present to devote yourself entirely to recovering from this condition and only after you are recovered, to go on with your teaching work . . .

Also he feels whenever you need his prayers, or wish to, you should cable him directly at once. This will greatly help you and you should never hesitate, for any consideration, to do so.

In your last letter to me you asked me a question that I felt only our beloved could answer so I took the liberty of mentioning it to him, knowing his answer would be the true one. He says your illness has not the slightest connection with any spiritual state or failure. There is every reason for you to feel happy and proud because he is pleased with you and you are doing your duty in every way. This illness is purely a physical condition and he is praying you will overcome it. He wants you not to worry over anything or think any dark thoughts . . .

You must always feel that he is not only happy to hear from you but eager to get your views as one so devoted to the Cause and so close to him!

It is a long time since I have written you but you have been often in my thoughts and prayers, particularly since I have heard about your illness which I trust will be soon completely cured. To be fully restored physically should be your first consideration. Everything for the present should be subordinated to it. Anytime you feel the urge to write me do not hesitate for one moment. Rest assured, and have no anxiety whatever either regarding Mary who is well, happy and protected, or in connection with the international situation & its repercussions. You and your dear family have in the past & under all circumstances been consistently & sometimes miraculously preserved, guided & blessed & will in the coming days be vouchsafed similar if not still greater & more abundant bounties & blessings. Be happy, confident, & thankful. Affectionately


1939-05-20 to May Maxwell re her health

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