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USBN #127 July 1939 p2

In connection with the Baha'i exhibition at the San Francisco Golden Gate Exposition, he feels deeply appreciative of the efforts exerted by the N. S. A. in conjunction with the San Francisco Assembly for the arrangement of such an attractive and impressive display. and has every reason to hope that the exhibit your Assembly is now holding at the World's Fair in New York will prove equally successful. and result in giving the Faith a befitting and widespread publicity. He welcomes your offer to send him photographs of this last exhibit at New York. and would also appreciate your giving him a report on the public interest shown on both occasions.

He wishes me in conclusion to stress the paramount importance, now that the teaching campaign in the United States and Canada has been successfully extended to embrace every State and Province in these two countries, of insuring by all means available the systematic and vigorous penetration of the teaching force in the Latin Republics of Central America - the opening up of which he has, in his recent cabled message to the Annual Convention, set as the chief immediate teaching objective facing the Community of the American believers during this year. Since the nine hitherto unoccupied territories in the North American Continent have at last been definitely settled, and following the formation during this past year of the first local Spiritual Assembly in the heart of Mexico, this southward penetration of the teaching campaign is but a natural and logical step which should now be resolutely and unfailingly pursued.

That this new and crucial stage in the Inter-American teaching campaign is infinitely more difficult and challenging than any teaching attempt under taken so far collectively by the American believers, fraught as it is with problems which they have never had the opportunity to tackle before, and might for this reason appear at first quite beyond their present-day resources and strength, the Guardian himself has readily admitted in his "Advent of Divine Justice." But though fully alive to the existence of such obstacles and difficulties. whether religious, political, racial. or otherwise, he feels absolutely confident that these harriers. no matter how insuperable they may prove to purely human attempts and endeavors, cannot in the long run offer any effective resistance to the onward march of the invincible arm of Baha’u’llah which, however significantly small and poorly equipped materially it may appear, is endowed nevertheless with such celestial strength as will undoubtedly enable it to break down one by one every barrier it may encounter in its spiritual conquest for the redemption and guidance of human souls.

It is the assurance of such divinely promised victory, stressed time and again and in language indeed unmistakable by Baha’u’llah and 'Abdu’l-Baha, coupled with the ever-growing evidence of the incomparably glorious teaching achievements accomplished by the American believers in recent years, and in particular during the last two decades following the ascension of 'Abdu’l- Baha, that fill the Guardian with confidence and courage, and impel him to set up such an admittedly high goal before the American Baha'i Community, thus leading it, resolutely and infallibly, ever onward towards the high spiritual destiny which has been, irrevocably and yet so deservedly, chosen for it by God in this glorious age and dispensation.

[on behalf of the Guardian 22 May 1939]

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