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“To Move the World”, Morrison, p255-6

. . . . the Guardian’s heart [was] immeasurably gladdened at the report of the outstanding teaching achievements which you and Mr. Gregory have been able to accomplish in Pine Bluff during this past year. His heart goes out in deepest gratitude to you both for all the sacrifice, determination & resourceful energy you have displayed all through your teaching work in that center, & he feels indescribably happy & encouraged to know that as a result the entire Negro population of Pine Bluff has heard of the Cause, that one of the college students . . . has already declared herself a believer, & that several others are on the point of becoming fully confirmed. . . .

In view of these remarkable results you have accomplished in Pine Bluff, particularly among the student body in the Arkansas State College, & notwithstanding any opposition, veiled or open, which may be directed against you from certain quarters, the Guardian would strongly urge you to remain in that center, & to confidently persist in your efforts until you succeed in establishing a strong & united group of confirmed believers, capable of developing eventually into a local assembly. He wishes you, in particular, to concentrate on teaching the Negro inhabitants of Pine Bluff, & thus bring into the Cause this hitherto neglected, though highly promising & spiritually receptive, element of the population in the Southern States.

[To Lydia Martin, 20 July 1939]

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