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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p334-5

Shoghi Effendi was deeply touched by the depths of your love for and devotion to him as shown in your letter to him of July 25th.

He realizes how much the loss of your only and dear brother means to you, as well as to his family, and he has felt very badly that Uncle Randolph should have passed away so prematurely and under such tragic and sad circumstances, all the details of which he read in your long letter to me.

He wants me to assure you again of his prayers for my uncle’s eternal felicity, as conveyed to you in his cablegram, and he feels sure that the work that Unkie did for the Cause, in such a good spirit and so painstakingly, in translating the footnotes of Nabil’s narrative, will have a powerful effect on the progress of his soul in the next world.

The Guardian very much regrets the fact he did not meet Uncle Randolph, and he says he is sure he would have liked him very much! . . .

You should be greatly consoled by the Master’s words to you and the knowledge that Shoghi Effendi is offering his ardent and potent prayers for your brother . . . The goodness of my Uncle, his many kind deeds, as I have already written Aunt Jeanne in reply to his letter to the Guardian, will prove a powerful factor in his spiritual unfoldment.

I deeply sympathize with you in your severe & sudden loss, & am truly touched by the sentiments so nobly conveyed & so tenderly expressed in both your cable & letter to me. I have felt the spirit of your dear brother draw closer to the mighty spirit of our Beloved, & feel certain that he is now basking in the sunshine of His love & care . . . Mary was deeply moved, but shows a radiant spirit, so indicative of the depth & purity of her faith. You should therefore feel assured, thankful & happy. My prayers for you, for him & for her will continue to be offered to the Threshold of Bahá’u’lláh. Take good care of your health & whenever you feel strong enough, redouble your efforts in the teaching field for which you are eminently suited.

Your true & grateful brother, Shoghi

1939-08-09? to May Maxwell re death of brother Randolph

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