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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p333-4

Dearest Daddy:

Shoghi Effendi was very pleased indeed to get your letter dated July 25th, and to know that your health has so quickly recovered and that you realize the mercies and bounties of God to us, so frequently shown!

As he has already written you indirectly in his letters to Mother, he feels it is only right that you should not only sustain Mother in her teaching work, but that you yourself should take an active part in it. As much as your affairs permit, you should concentrate your talents and efforts in this direction.

The Guardian feels very sad that Uncle Randolph should have passed away so prematurely and he is praying for him most ardently.

Shoghi Effendi tells me to add, that in connection with your good health, the thing that he feels certain will most strengthen and assure it, is for you to strive in every way to serve the Cause increasingly. Therein lies your greatest protection and happiness and he feels you are well qualified for such service.

I send you my devoted and tenderest love and assure you that both the Guardian and I are well. Ever your most devoted daughter,


I forgot to say how proud and happy I am to be able to answer you on behalf of our beloved Shoghi Effendi!

Dear and precious co-worker:

Your letter reflecting so clearly the beauty & serenity of your spirit, which I have come to admire during your visit to Haifa, has deeply touched me. I deeply sympathize with you in your great loss, & I feel that any service you & dear Mrs. Maxwell will be able to render the Faith will directly & effectively contribute to the progress & happiness of the soul of Mr. Bolles. I long to hear of fresh evidences of your renewed efforts in the service of so precious a Cause, & will continue to pray for your guidance, good health & spiritual advancement.

Your true brother, Shoghi

1939-08-09 to Sutherland Maxwell re activities and health

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