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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p336-7

My dearest Mother:

I am so happy that Shoghi Effendi has given me the pleasure of answering your letters to him dated the 1st and the 5th of September.

He not only was pleased to receive the news you sent him . . . and to notice how vigilant you are in the service of our beloved Bahá’í Faith, but above all to see the wonderful spirit both you and Daddy are showing at this time of unforeseen separation and strain. Indeed he told me he is proud of you both and feels you are demonstrating your worthiness to be now so closely bound to the Guardian of our Faith.

He was also happy to learn – from my letters – that you are both well and that you have met with such a true Bahá’í faith and spirit the shock and sorrow of your brother’s sudden death. All these things show how you are progressing and growing ever closer to the beloved Master’s presence.

There is nothing you could do at this time that would be of greater service than to teach this Cause and also help deepen the faith of the Bahá’ís themselves. He is very happy that Daddy has taken his place at your side in this work.

Dear and valued co-worker:

The spirit you have manifested since the present conflict has begun, your confidence, your spirit, serenity & courage are indeed highly praiseworthy, & reveal the quality of your devotion to the Cause you adore & serve so well. I wish to assure you that Mary is in the stronghold of God’s protection, is markedly progressing every day, is pursuing happily & serenely her work, & will I trust become increasingly capable of fulfilling her great tasks in the service of the Faith. These thoughts should cheer, strengthen & reassure you as well as her dear father, whose spirit of sacrifice in these days of physical yet temporary separation I truly & increasingly admire. May He enable you both to render such services in these days of world turmoil as to enhance the position you have acquired through your relationship to His holy Household.

Your true & grateful brother, Shoghi

1939-09-24 to May Maxwell re services

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