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Martha Root: Lioness at the Threshold, M. R. Garis, p404

“The Pure Leaf, the illustrious teacher, the sign of detachment, the torch of love and affection, the example of courage and faithfulness, the consolation of the people of Bahá, Martha Root has ascended to the summit of eternal habitation. The Concourse on High received her with the shouts: ‘Welcome O Glory of Teachers (men and women)! Well done, well done, O Thou who hast sacrificed thine all in thine attraction to the Kingdom of the Lord of manifest signs. Blessed art thou a thousand fold for this shining, exalted, lofty, inaccessible station!’ Inform the entire friends of the necessity of holding special gatherings throughout the provinces for two full weeks in honor of her noble station. ”

1939-10-10 to Persian Baha’i re death of Martha

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