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Quoted in Never be Afraid to Dare, Jasion, p195-6

The very welcome message you had written the Guardian dated October 21st has just arrived, and he feels indeed most happy to know that you are keeping well in spite of the grave anxieties and uncertainties through which you mn|t have passed during the last two months. At the outbreak of hostilities in Europe which threatened to spread throughout all the Balkans he felt so deeply concerned about your safety that he decided to send you a wire advising you to leave for Switzerland, as he considered that country to be the safest and most suitable place where you could settle. But since the war seems to be localized, at least for the present, he thinks there would be no immediate necessity for you to leave Bulgaria, and has already advised you by wire to this effect.

[postscript by Shoghi Effendi]

I have already assured you and the friends by cable, and approved of your remaining at your post in these days of trial and stress. The spirit which you above all the rest so powerfully evince, the progress of the work in which you are so devotedly and determinedly engaged, are a source of extreme and constant joy and inspiration to me in my multitudinous labours and responsibilities. Will continue to pray for you all from the depths of my heart. Be confident and happy always.

[ltr to Marion Jack 18 Nov 1939]

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