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The Artist’s Daughter, Nancy Douglas Bowditch, p259-60

Dear Mrs. Bowditch,

Your most sweet and dear letter of the 19th November has just arrived, and the Guardian feels indeed profoundly happy to hear again from you after such a long and unbroken silence, and wishes me to hasten in conveying to you his heartfelt thanks for it, and also for the various photographs you had enclosed, which he is very pleased and grateful to have.

The Guardian has noted with deep satisfaction, in particular, that your work in the field of art has opened before you so many avenues of contact, and will specially pray that those souls to whom you have been able to impart the Message will all gradually deepen in their love for the Cause and will become in time confirmed and earnest believers.

With regard to the pageant you are now busy writing; Shoghi Effendi would urge you by all means to complete the work, and trusts that it will prove a most effective medium for the spread of the Teachings.

Also with reference to the collection of the portraits of the early believers—about which you had talked to him while in Haifa—he wishes you to continue your work along this line, but to also take great care lest through excessive strain on your eyesight you jeopardize your health, and thus be prevented from actively serving the Cause.

Assuring you in closing of his prayers on your behalf, and also for the spiritual advancement and confirmation of Mr. Bowditch and your son,

Yours in His Service,

H. Rabbani.

Dear and valued co-worker:

I was so glad to hear from you after such a long period of silence, and am so happy to know that you are continuing your work in the service of the Cause with undiminished zeal, determination and perseverance. I long to witness the result of your labours in connection with the portraits of the early believers, and I feel that this service you are rendering the Faith is truly meritorious and highly valuable. I will continue to pray for you from all my heart. Rest assured and persevere.

Your true brother,


1939-12-28 to Nancy Bowditch re work in the arts

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