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The Maxwells of Montreal Vol II, Violette Nakhjavani, p357-8

He wants me to tell you how very happy and pleased he is over your trip to South America. I remember one day about a year ago in speaking of the teaching work the Bahá’ís were doing there, the Guardian said it would be very good for you to do work there – and now of your own accord you are doing this! He wants me to tell you not to stay too long away from home. He has no desire that you should make a prolonged visit there, but feels that during the winter the climate there is better for your health and at the same time you are rendering the Cause a wonderful service. Above all Shoghi Effendi wants you to be careful of your health and have that as your first consideration.

Another thing Shoghi Effendi wants me to tell you is that you should concentrate your teaching work in one spot and devote your effort to consolidating it, not dissipate your time and energies over different places. Also when you leave for home you are to go straight home to America and not stop off at different places! . . .

Your spontaneous response to the call of teaching in distant fields, despite the condition of your health, is indeed a further & still more striking evidence of your marvelous devotion to the Cause & your unquenchable enthusiasm for whatever may promote its truest & best interests. My special prayers will accompany & surround you & Jeanne in your highly meritorious enterprise. For your success, your good health & protection, as well as for the welfare of Mr. Maxwell I will supplicate our beloved Master while you are rendering Him such splendid services. Mary is so happy & proud of the spirit you are so powerfully manifesting. She is progressing in every way & speaking Persian fluently. You should be happy, thankful & assured. Affectionately


1940-01-24 to May Maxwell re trip to Buenos Aires

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