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The Artist’s Daughter” , Nancy Douglas Bowditch, p260-1

59. Letter from The Guardian via H. Rabbani to Nancy Bowditch. Dated April 7th, 1940.

Dear Mrs. Bowditch,

Your loving message of the 25th March has duly arrived, and kind words of sympathy you had expressed on the occasion of the death of our beloved and distinguished sister Mrs. May Maxwell have imparted deep comfort to the grief-stricken heart of our beloved Guardian.

He truly appreciates your thoughtfulness in thus expressing to him your sorrow over the passing of such a devoted, loyal and spiritually outstanding handmaid of the Cause, and feels profoundly grateful to you, and to those dear and faithful friends who too have joined in conveying to him their utter grief in this very sad bereavement

Mrs. Maxwells departure, so sudden and unexpected, is indeed most significant in the circumstances that have attended it. That she should, in spite of her advanced age and her ill-health, have embarked on so long and tiring a journey to so remote a center as Buenos-Aires, and should have left this world away from her friends and relatives is in itself sufficient proof of the tenacity of her faith, and of her selfless and utter consecration to the service of our beloved Cause. Her death has been indeed that of a martyr, comparable only to that which in recent years Mrs. Keith Ransom-Kehler so courageously met while working for the Faith in Is[f]páhán.

May the memory of so glorious a life ever live in the consciousness of the believers, and serve also to inspire future generations of believers to faithfully follow its truly noble example.

The Guardian was pleased to note the very appreciative references you had felt prompted to make regarding our dear sisters Miss Louise Drake Wright and Mrs. Nelson her sister, and wishes you to assure them both how he too appreciates the services which they are jointly engaged in rendering the Cause in Boston. His continued prayer is that they may ever be strengthened in their selfless and loving exertions in its path.

Assuring you also of his prayers, and with the warmest Bahai love and greetings,

Yours in His Service,

H. Rabbani.

Note in Shoghi Effendi’s handwriting:

May the Beloved guide you and bless and protect you at all times and under all circumstances, and enable you to follow up the work our dear and valiant Bahai sister Mrs. Maxwell has so noble initiated and accomplished.

Your true and grateful brother,


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