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USBN #137 July 1940, p3

"In the matter of the use and distribution of prayer beads, in this and other matters of secondary importance he does not wish that any hard and fast rules be set up. The believers should not be required to use prayer beads, nor should they be prevented from doing so, as the Teachings do not contain any specific instruction on the subject.”

"The letter received by the Vancouver Assembly from the Department of National Defence acknowledging their letter on the subject of the exemption of Baha’is from combatant military duty has been read with gratification by the Guardian who, indeed, welcomes this action as yet another step forward in the consolidation and recognition of the administrative institutions of the Faith.”

"Regarding the question of Baha’i membership in secret fraternal organizations: he thinks that for the present this matter should be left to the discretion of the friends, and that no statement on the subject, defining in a rigid and uniform way their attitude towards such bodies, would be necessary.”

to USNSA 15 Apr 1940

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