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USBN #137 July 1940, p4

The first part of Shoghi Effendi’s translation of Epistle To the Son of the Wolf was received in a letter dated May 7, 1940, with the following comment:

"A careful comparison of this new translation of the Guardian with that of Mrs. Chanler’s clearly reveals how inadequate and misleading the latter is both from the point of view of accuracy and of faithfulness. It further shows how unconscientious Ahmad Sohrab has been in comparing that old translation with the original Persian and Arabic text of the Tablet. His description in the preface of the book of Mrs. Chanler’s rendering as ‘accurate’ and ‘faithful’ is altogether untrue, as not only her translation abounds with mistakes, but also reveals many important omissions. The term 'Fear of God’ has apparently been deliberately changed in some cases into ‘Love of God’ towards the end of the book, as the French version which she translated proves (it).”

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