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USBN #138 Sept 1940, p1

In connection with the selection of particular photographs of 'Abdu'l-Baha for circulation among the friends, the Guardian strongly feels that no definite ruling should be laid down establishing the superiority or distinction of any particular photograph. The friends should be left quite free to use their individual independent judgment in this matter.

The Guardian does not advise your Assembly to authorize for the present the use of Baha'i historical material in the radio program ... ; nor does he think the time is ripe to translate and publish Baha'i certificates of marriage and divorce. He prefers to wait until a sufficient number of Assemblies have been empowered to conduct legally these Baha'i rites. When the time comes he will formulate the proper form of certificate for universal adoption by the American believers.

In connection with the formation of new Assemblies and the maintenance of their Assembly status, the Guardian wishes to reaffirm the general principle that only those who reside within the city limits of any given locality have the right to either vote or be elected as member of the Assembly, even though this may involve frequent dissolution of the Assembly owing to insufficient number of members. It will, on the other hand, serve as a stimulus to those outside these limits to establish a group and eventually an Assembly of their own. This principle should be closely adhered to, otherwise it will lead to confusion and overlapping.

Regarding the age of fifteen fixed by Baha'u'llah: this relates only to purely spiritual functions and obligations and is not related to the degree of administrative capacity and fitness which is a totally different thing, and is, for the present, fixed at twenty-one.

Regarding Naw-Ruz: if the vernal equinox falls on the 21st of March before sunset, it is celebrated on that day. If at any time after sunset, Naw-Ruz will then, as stated by Baha'u'llah, fall on the 22nd. As to which spot should be regarded as the standard, this is a matter which the Universal House of Justice will have to decide. The American N.S.A. need not therefore take any action in this matter at present.

Haifa, May 15, 1940.

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