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1940-05-27 response to difficulties of Rouhani family in Dáráb

Against Incredible Odds, pp93-4

Dáráb, Jináb-i Áqá Mírzá Muhammad-Shafí Rouháni, the pilgrim from Nayríz, upon him be Bahau’lláhu’l-Abhá

The letter of that dear spiritual friend dated 10 Shahru’-Bahá attained the loving glance of His Highness, the Guardian of the Cause of God, may our spirits be sacrificed for him, and the details of the circumstances you have described became known in his illumined and spotless presence. He beseeches divine favours and hopes that the resultant difficulties may be vanquished, that your affairs may improve, that Gods mercy, blessings and bestowals may surround you, that you may be successful in rendering service to the Cause of God and that you are able to manage your affairs with absolute confidence and reliance [on God], directing your full attention to Him.

It is hoped that heavenly assistance may come to your aid and that all the troubles and hardships you have endured may not be wasted and may produce the desired result. In all circumstances the glance of his loving-kindness and generosity has been and will continue to be directed towards you. Be assured and joyous.

Your esteemed wife Amatu’lláh Túbá Khánum, your honourable mother Amatu’lláh Núríyyih Khánum, your brothers Áqá Mírzá Khaíl, Áqá Mírzá Jalál and Áqá Mírzá Alí-Akbar, and your dear children, Mírzá Masíh Rouháni, Shamsud-Duhá, Nayyirih, Pourán-dukht, Mahíndukht and Baharieh, were all mentioned by the tongue of compassion and loving-kindness. He beseeches on behalf of all divine assistance, confirmation, success and easing of affairs.

Written at the instruction of his blessed self, 11 Shahru’l- Azamat 97 be, 27 May 1940. Núrud-Dín Zayn.

Postscript in the handwriting of Shoghi Effendi:

Was seen. The Servant of His Threshold, Shoghi.73


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