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[Growing Up Baha’i, Diana Rouse Kaufman, pp195-6]

1940-11-03 to Raymond Rouse on becoming a Baha’i

(Written on behalf of the Guardian to Mr. Raymond C. Rouse) November 3rd, 1940 Dear Bahai Brother;

I am instructed by our beloved Guardian to gratefully acknowledge the receipt of your letter dated July 17th conveying to him the welcome news of your confirmation in the Bahai Faith.

It indeed rejoices his heart to know that through contact with our dear & devoted sister Mrs. Baker you have been introduced to the Bahai Teachings, & after careful study & investigation have taken the decision to fully and unreservedly identify yourself with the Cause. He wishes me to heartily congratulate you upon the success of your efforts, & also to express his admiration and gratitude to both Mr. & Mrs. Clarence E. Baker for having been instrumental in bringing you so close to the Faith. His earnest hope & prayer is that through continued association with these devoted souls you will deepen spiritually & get better grounded in the Teachings, & thereby become in turn a pure & effective channel for the propagation of the Message.

The Guardian will specially pray that the opportunity you have had recently presenting the Message to the Bible Class may afford you the full chance you need to bring the Cause to the attention of many individuals of true spiritual capacity, & that you may also thereby acquire the full training necessary for wider & effective service to the teaching field in the future.

Assuring you again of his loving appreciation of your very heartening message, with greetings,

Yours in His service,

R. Rabbání

(and in the Guardians own handwriting)

May the Beloved bless richly your efforts, deepen your understanding of the essentials ofHis Faith, aid you to promote effectively its vital interests.

Your true brother; Shoghi

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