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USBN #143 May 1941 pp2

The Guardian will pray that the general conditions outside the Cause and the inevitable repercussions which further deterioration in the international situation might bring on America, will not reach such a point as to seriously hinder the friends in bringing this enterprise (i.e., Temple construction) to full completion.

The concern you have expressed for the Guardian following recent air raids on Haifa. has deeply touched and moved him, and he wishes me to assure you that no casualties whatever have been suffered by any of the believers here, and that all Baha'i properties and institutions, including the Holy Shrines, have been spared. No doubt, Baha'u'llah will continue to vouchsafe His unfailing protection to the believers in every land, how much more to those who are directly and more particularly associated with the administration of the affairs of His Faith, whether at its world-center in the Holy Land or abroad.

From letter dated November 20 , 1940, written through the Guardian's Secretary to Allen B. McDaniel.

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