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USBN #143 May 1941 pp2

Dear and Valued Co-Worker:

The successive communications, whether letters or cables, that have lately been received from the States, whether from the National Assembly or individual believers, eloquently proclaim the magnificent spirit and the remarkable achievements of the American believers. I rejoice and feel deeply thankful for these blessings of Baha'u'llah vouchsafed to them in these days of ever-increasing stress and turmoil .

The Guardian's postcript to letter below.

He has been again most pleased to note that the Temple work is making steady and speedy progress, and that the Trustees hope that the nine faces of the main story ornamentation will be completed by the latter part of next year.

The news of the completion of the reinforced concrete walls, of the entrance ways and areaways, has also been most encouraging to him, and he too hopes that this will now make it possible to go ahead with the grading of the grounds, and also with their seeding, so that by next spring the Temple grounds will look as attractive as possible, especially in view of the great flow of delegates and visitors which the Temple would attract at that time of the year.

As regards the construction of the accessory building, adjacent to the caretaker's house in the Temple area, the Guardian would urge that every effort should be made to have the building ready as soon as possible for use as headquarters of both the Treasurer and of the Publishing Committee. The transfer of these committees to the vicinity of the Temple and of the Hazirat'sul-Quds is indeed a step of historic significance and one which is bound to increasing the efficiency and heighten the prestige of the national administrative institutions of the Faith in America.

From letter dated December 13, 1940, written through the Guardian's Secretary to Allen B. McDaniel.

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