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USBN #143 May 1941 pp2

He is fully pleased with the work so far accomplished, and hopes that by now the first three faces of the main story have been duly completed. He has now every reason to believe that should the present rate of progress in the ornamentation work be maintained throughout the coming year, and should the flow of contributions be as steady and substantial as it has been so far, the entire edifice will be completed far ahead of the schedule, thus giving still another striking evidence of the unremitting zeal and inexhaustible resourcefulness that have been so remarkably and so consistently displayed by the American believers in their collective exertions for the termination of this unique, and indeed historic enterprise.

The photographs you had kindly sent showing the progress of the various construction activities were indeed excellent, and the Guardian has distributed some of them to various pilgrims from Iran who, upon their return home, will no doubt share them with the rest of the believers. They will all derive much needed comfort and encouragement from these pictures, and will surely be further strengthened in their resolve to courageously face and patiently endure the many trials and tribulations to which they are being increasingly subjected.

From letter dated January 18, 1941 , written through the Guardian's Secretary to Allen B. McDaniel.

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