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The Artist’s Daughter, Nancy Douglas Bowditch, p261-2

Dear Mrs. Bowditch:

Shoghi Effendi has asked me to answer your kind letter of Jan. 27th, and to thank you for the enclosed photographs of the pageant held in Green Acre.

As you already know, he considers such pageants of value to the Cause and of interest to Bahá’ís and non-Bahá’ís alike, and he is pleased to hear that your work is making progress every year.

He was also very pleased with the news of the work in Brookline and Ann Arbor. The truly wonderful progress the Faith is making in America, North and South, is a source of great encouragement to him—especially now that the conditions in Europe have temporarily suspended so many Bahá’í activities.

So far the copy of the pageant “Fountain of Light” has not reached the Guardian, but perhaps it will take more time than a letter and the mails, of course, are slow.

He wishes me to assure you of his prayers always for your devoted services to our beloved Faith which you are ever rendering.

In closing I send my love to you and dear Polly too—when you see her.

Ever yours,

R. Rabbani.

May the Almighty guide your steps, fulfil your hopes, reinforce your efforts, and enable you to enlarge the scope, and consolidate the foundations of this important sphere of Bahá’í activity, in which you are so devotedly engaged.

Your true brother,


1941-03-12 to Nancy Bowditch re pageants

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