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USBN #144 June 1941 p2-3

"Indeed the splendid spirit that animates the American believers these days is a great source of joy and inspiration of the Guardian, and as the good news comes in of new victories won and new sacrifices made, one can see his spirits rise and a wave of new strength sweep over him.-tired and over-burdened as he so often is.

In this connection the letter you so thoughtfully enclosed from that dear Baha'i who gave the difference in the price of a cheap or expensIve coffin to the Fund of the Cause, greatly touched him. Such sacrifIces prove the caliber of the friends and insure the very foundations of the Faith.

"In view of the increasingly dark condition of the world the Guardian feels that the N. S. A. should direct all its energies to fostering the teaching work, that no time may be lost in the fulfilment of their task which is of such paramount importance for the future."

by the Guardian through his secretary to the National Treasurer: Haifa, May 4, 1941.

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