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USBN #148 Nov 1941 p2

Regarding the question whether it is necessary to obtain the consent of the parents of a non-Bahá’í participant in a marriage with a Bahá’í; as Bahá’u’lláh has stated that the consent of the parents of both parties is required in order to promote unity and avoid friction, and as the Aqdas does not specify any exceptions to this rule, the Guardian feels that under all circumstances the consent of the parents of both parties is required.

The Guardian approves the use of the form of report to be filled in by all Latin-American Assemblies. This form, however, should be closely considered by your Assembly, and need not be forwarded to him. as the final action in such matters rests with the N. S. A. This body should exercise the utmost patience, good will, care and vigilance in such delicate and vital matters, should stress the importance of the institution of the local Spiritual Assembly, should take into special consideration the Latin temperament and character, should exercise a general, though not too rigid, supervision over newly formed groups and Assemblies, and should, by every means in its power, maintain, nay, increase, the flow of pioneers and financial assistance to these countries, that constitute, in these critical years, the greatest trust delivered into the hands of the champions of the Bahá’í Faith in North America. He is delighted to learn that there is a possibility of one or more Spiritual Assemblies being formed in South America, besides those of Buenos Aires, Costa Rica and Bahia. There is no doubt that in this particular field the North American believers are exceeding the expectations of the Guardian when he conceived and formulated the Seven Year Plan. What he would urge at the present stage is to insure that an anchorage for the Faith be firmly laid in every Latin Republic. This need not involve the formation of an Assembly, but presupposes the formation of a group of resident believers, who will safeguard permanently and definitely the interests of the Faith during the critical years which lie ahead of the Continent of America.

—Shoghi Effendi, through his secretary, August 12, 1941.

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