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[Growing Up Baha’i, Diana Rouse Kaufman, pp197]

1941-08-14 to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Rouse on their marriage

Dear Bahai friends:

The Guardian has instructed me to answer your letters to him of April 13th.

He was very happy to hear that you are both so united in your devotion to the Cause of Baha’u’lláh, as this will greatly bless your marriage itself and give you true and abiding happiness.

A Catholic background is an excellent introduction to the Faith, and one that Mrs. Rouse should feel grateful for having had. Though the doctrines of the church today are no longer needed—as the Father Himself has come, and thus fulfilled the Mission of Christ the son—yet the foundation they lay of spiritual discipline, and their emphasis on spiritual values and adherence to moral laws, is very important and very close to our own beliefs.

The Guardian will pray that you may both grow to become gifted and capable teachers, and thus attract many souls to the Cause. He is very happy to hear that you have set yourselves the goal of bringing more young people into it. The youth today not only greatly need the teachings but are capable of both grasping and living up to them, and it is of the utmost importance to teach them and inspire them with this divine Message.

He is also very pleased to hear that Mr. Rouse is going to study Spanish. This, he hopes, will prepare the way for you to both at some future date aid in the all important inter-America work.

Assuring you of his most loving prayers for you both,

Yours in His service,

With Baha’i love,

R. Rabbání

P.S. He thanks you for the enclosed photographs of yourselves on your wedding day. R.R.

(and in the Guardians own handwriting)


I wish to congratulate you in person on your union, which I trust pray will be richly & continually blessed by our Beloved Master. I hope you will both be enabled to promote jointly and effectively the vital interests of the institutions which the American believers are so devotedly and energetically establishing in these days.

Your true brother, Shoghi

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